Villa Park: construction begins...

Posted on by Lauren Moss

A project progress update: we're wrapping up the first week of construction for our Villa Park project...

As to be expected, it was a bit of a messy one, with major demolition at the interior where the ceiling, walls, fixtures, and flooring are being removed. So, before we get anywhere near this:

interior great room  //   project renderings + drawings

interior great room  //  project renderings + drawings

We have to start with a clean palette.

That means removing building elements as indicated in the partial demolition plan below- the shaded areas represent the major walls, as well as doors and windows, to be removed.

villa park | partial demolition plan

villa park | partial demolition plan

Starting with the wainscot, molding, and trim and working towards the masonry fireplace, the entire space should be cleared out by next week. As for this week, here's where things started...

demolition / living room

demolition / living room

The wall that separates the great room from the circulation area will be replaced with a custom slatted wood screen to allow for a more transparent division between the hallway and great room. This unique contemporary design feature will also provide a vertical plane to accommodate furnishings.

entry / hall demolition

entry / hall demolition

With the cabinetry and casework flanking either side of the fireplace already gone, the wall with the niche will be removed next to create a clear opening where the screen element described above will be installed, adding visual interest and sense of scale at the expanded living room.


The ceiling and fireplace will also be demolished very soon; in the meanwhile, though, it's not a very tidy process...


While we're salvaging what we can for reuse during construction, the demo still managed to fill three of these trucks... so far.

existing fireplace / wall / ceiling demo

existing fireplace / wall / ceiling demo

Once the masonry fireplace and gable are removed, the new sloping ceiling will extend upwards, increasing the interior volume and contributing to the experience of a modern, open and light-filled space.

For more on this unique addition and remodel, visit its design page, or review the process as documented in several previous blog posts, ranging from early concept sketches and design development to interior highlights and details.