Digital Media: MYD on your iPad

Posted on by Lauren M

A couple months back, we mentioned MYD's feature in Design Bureau magazine, and now that the issue is available on the iPad, we thought it an appropriate time to revisit the article and share a few thoughts on digital media, an increasingly relevant topic of interest...


Like many designers and architects, we have an extensive reference library, encompassing years of archived magazines, the translation from print to web application was an eye-opening look at how content can be adapted and presented in new ways. With touchscreen integration and interactive features, the design and interface elements add another layer of interest and complexity.

The look and feel of the publication remains the same (a view of the print layout is shown at the bottom of this post); however, the means by which it is navigated has subtle, yet significant differences. For example, in the iPad edition, the sequence of articles are still arranged in the index-based, linear pattern we're used to in print, though individually, each layout is in a vertical format, allowing one to scroll down to continue reading beyond the opening page text.


Also, the digital interface allows for intuitive interactive navigation that actually makes certain elements even easier to read, such as 'The Top 7 Posts from MYD', each of which is displayed individually, giving the reader the option to tap the circled numbers to access further information, commentary and images on each of the featured posts.


Such features are not only useful for clarity and navigation, but have exciting implications for the future of publishing, as well as for any type of business or media outlet that conveys information within a visual context. (More on that topic to come soon...)

In the meanwhile, we'd like to thank Design Bureau for the great story, and if you're interested in seeing more, stop by the iTunes store for a digital subscription- you can opt for a single magazine, a two-issue or full year subscription. Or take the more traditional route with a print edition. Either way, it's a great read with unique, diverse and interesting content that we look forward to every time. And we felt that way long before our feature...

Enjoy! L+J

Click on the image below for an enlarged view of the print edition of the article...