Tribute to Escher: a 360 degree tour

Posted on by Lauren M

The planet seems to get smaller all the time, with communication technologies becoming more sophisticated and online networks connecting people, ideas, and images from across the globe...

With the growth of such sites as Google's Art Project, opportunities to explore art, culture and design are just a click away. One of our favorite sites to visit faraway places is, where users upload interactive panoramas of various sites, cities and places.

Tribute to Escher

A favorite and particularly unusual exploration that adds surrealism and art to this interactive exploration is Nico Roig'sTribute to Escher, seen above. M.C. Escher, a graphic artist known for his 'impossible structures', produced one of his best known works, a 1953 lithograph, Relativity, where one's perspective is challenged by unexpected and unachievable representations of space.


This served as the inspiration for the multi-dimensional computer generated panorama, a world where gravity doesn't exist and the common perceptions of up and down are all relative... To view the full-size panorama, or if the animation above is having trouble loading, check it out online here.

Other great panoramas to visit without leaving your desk include the Louvre in Paris, or Machu Picchu- the 'lost city of the Incas'. For some great 360 degree aerial tours, take a look at favorites Venice and New York, and happy travels!