Defining Space: sliding door systems

Posted on by Lauren Moss

A few weeks back, we posted an update on the reclaimed timber mantel at MYD's South Laguna contemporary cottage, and we're back today to share another interior feature of the design: a recently-installed sliding glass door system that enables varying degrees of privacy at the office, while still allowing light to enter the main living space.


This system, by Raumplus, consists of three aluminum-framed glass panels on a three track system, so that each panel can move across the length of the track. This allows for a variety of spatial configurations, depending on how much enclosure is desired, and allows users to determine the point of entry, or access into the space, for more flexibility in terms of furnishing.


It runs along the top and bottom tracks incredibly smoothly, and the flush track makes for a more seamless appearance. For a smaller home, this type of room divider is not only functional, but serves as an interesting design element- the glass adds a bit of reflectivity to the space, a nice counter to the wood trim at the windows and doors and the timber mantel.


For more information on this system or to see other applications and options, visit Raumplus online, and learn more about innovative ways of utilizing sliding door systems.

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