Let Them Eat (modern) Cake!

Posted on by Lauren M

So, there was an MYD birthday over the weekend, and like so many other holidays, it somehow became a venue for new and creative design opportunities; this time it was the cake. As seen below, no flowers here- just a lovely, orthogonal design in muted tones (since black and gray would probably be taking it just a little too far) and a bit of asymmetry to keep things interesting. Being his first cake design, I thought Jason did a pretty good job, in spite of being unable to specify a font. Yes, he did ask for Helvetica, to no avail...

Maybe another year.  ;)


No complaints here, though- it tasted as good as it looks!

So, next time you're looking to surprise your favorite architect for his or her birthday, remember that a custom modernist cake will surely delight! (which is, in fact, a noteworthy consideration, as architects tend to have lots of birthdays- just ask Mr. Niemeyer...)


Many thanks for all the birthday wishes from friends, colleagues and clients, and I know I'm not the only one looking forward to the 2012 design! (Of course, there are already numerous revisions planned for the next iteration.)  Cheers, Lauren