Google+ and Social Media: MYD Online

Posted on by Lauren M

So it begins... MYD is officially on Google+ and we're very interested to see how this new social media platform develops.


Will Google+ replace facebook or provide enough of a different type of user experience to encourage users to maintain a presence on both? Given the fact that Google+ for businesses has been around for less than a week, only time will tell... Either way, stop by and say hi; you can find us at +Architect | MYD, if you are a Google+ user.

On another note (since we're talking social media), stop by our page if you have a moment; it's a bit more informal and interactive than our site, and we try to share a range of stories, topics and ideas we're interested in- many are art and design related, others are not. With a more casual approach to engaging friends, clients, and colleagues, the aim is to incorporate links, images and commentary that are interesting, thought-provoking or humorous. Additionally, it gives us an opportunity to include more comprehensive, easily accessible albums of additional photos of architecture, projects, drawings, and construction updates for those interested. Of course, in spite of all this delightful content, archi-cat always seems to garner the most attention and feedback. Must admit, she is pretty awesome.


Phew- that's a lot of links! For a consolidated, real-time and visually appealing of all MYD's interests and activities online, including twitter and facebook, check out our activity feed, located at, and connect with us to receive news and updates via email.

That said, feel free to contact us (or to send fan mail to archi-cat) in any form: message, tweet, or the good old-fashioned email... 

In the meanwhile, we'll see you online!

Lauren + Jason