GFRC + Good Design...

Posted on by Lauren Moss

Last week, we received a few fantastic photos of a custom GFRC sink, designed and fabricated by Gore Design Co., the Tempe-based design studio whose work blends artistry, function, sustainability and innovation to create intrinsically unique and beautiful work.


Photographed by John Romero, the images themselves are a testament to Gore's attention to detail and appreciation of good design on all scales, and it's been great working with Brandon, the creative and highly skilled concrete master at the helm of Gore Design Co.- a team of pioneers and artists who share a passion for not only the material, but its potential to transform, inspire and define space. It's inspiring to see those values manifested in their work, as evidenced in the detail shots below of the custom Erosion Sink: a well-crafted and thoughtfully-designed work of functional art...


That said, we highly encourage a visit to their website to learn more about Gore Design Co.'s design aesthetic, work, philosophy and wit that represents a forward-thinking approach to not only form and function, but innovation, sustainability, and, of course, concrete.