Works in Progress...

Posted on by Lauren M

Though we're working on a few new projects over here at MYD, we're also nearing the completion of several others currently in construction, which means it's time to select finishes, materials, and colors. These selections are critical decisions, which should serve to enhance the overall architectural design, create balance in texture and scale, as well as to provide for optimal function and aesthetics (while staying on budget, of course...).  

It's always a fun process to work out the finish details that are so important to achieving a complete and cohesive space. For two of our projects in Laguna, some products, materials and colors have already been selected, and below are a few of the complementary material palettes that are under consideration...


The grouping of selected materials gives a pretty good sense of how well products will work together, and makes for some pretty interesting geometries, in terms of photography...

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about the materials shown above, and we'd be happy to talk finishes!  

Cheers, MYD