Under Construction in South Laguna

Posted on by Lauren M

As mentioned in a previous post, MYD studio has a few residential projects under construction, and since things are moving along quickly, we thought we'd post photos and an update on the current status of a local renovation and addition.


So far, all is going smoothly, and we're very pleased with the ongoing progress for this virtually new home in South Laguna.

The initial deconstruction required the careful removal of the majority of the existing structure, while maintaining and reinforcing the non-conforming portions of the building in the sideyard setbacks.

With that process complete and the concrete footings poured and set, the framing has gone up relatively quickly, complete with a steel-framed cantilever that will not only add square footage to the master bedroom, but will optimize the views, as well.


 Due to the limited depth of the floor system, tube steel was required to support the new cantilever; the rest of the structure is wood-framed, with a couple shear panels at the opening shown below.


The room feels spacious, not only as a result of the addition, but due to the fact that the existing roof height is being raised, to accommodate the split-level design.  In the image below, you can see the transition between the two roof elevations.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

Cheers, Lauren + Jason