Thinking Outside the (blue) Box

Posted on by Lauren Moss

In practice, we can tend to get caught up in the details of design drawings + documents, building codes + regulations, and construction issues. That's why it's so important to keep an open mind and continue to explore, research, and find new sources of creative inspiration.  

That said, the timelapse video below from Dezeen Screen definitely reminds us to innovate, while illustrating a pragmatic use for cable ties that is surely more imaginative than anything we've seen...

Chances are, we'll never use this building system for a number of reasons, some quite obvious and others less so... Still, it's inspiring to see these innovations in material applications and technology, especially when they incorporate simple everyday products in interesting ways.

Perfect for some out-of-the-(blue)-box thinking. ;)


For more information on this project, visit Dezeen or read this article at arcilook.

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