South Laguna Construction Progress

Posted on by Lauren Moss

To get the week started, we're revisiting our South Laguna project with a construction progress update and a few new jobsite images. Things have come a long way since our last post, so here's the latest on what's been happening on-site in recent weeks...

When we posted a couple of months ago, we were somewhere around here: 


Since then, and in spite of a bit of rain, the framing is complete, along with new stucco and cedar siding at the exterior. Being in a high-fire zone (more information at Laguna's website), the exterior finish materials are critically important. Western Red Cedar is not only a beautiful wood for use as exterior siding, but it is in compliance with fire protection guidelines and code requirements.

In the images below, the cedar is being installed horizontally, with tight, shiplap joints for a clean and contemporary aesthetic.


Even with the cedar still unfinished, the addition of these exterior materials has really brought the design to life, enhancing the streetscape and giving the neighborhood a better sense of the new residence replacing the almost century-old existing structure at the site, which was actually once a local market, at least in one of its many iterations...

So, to give you a sense of the whole (for now):


It's a small home, but the new floor plan allows for great light and views, and we're looking forward to sharing photos and more details on the interior progress soon! In the meanwhile, we've added a gallery of construction images here, which will be updated more frequently and is also accessible from the project's site page.

Cheers, MYD