'Think Different' + Design Thinking

Posted on by Lauren M

It's been all over the web a thousand times the past few days, but today's post just had to start with this amazing graphic designed by Jonathan Mak Long. As noted by many, it's a seemingly perfect representation of the man who valued simplicity, function, and innovation as key elements to almost any endeavor.


It's virtually impossible lately to not come across various collections of quotations and reflections on the life of Steve Jobs- in particular, his moving commencement address at Stanford in 2005. And rightfully so- who else in recent history has not only deeply influenced our collective cultural and social identity, but whose ideas continue to directly impact almost every one of us in some form or another every day?

I'm not just talking iPhones, iPods and gadgets; it's about a holistic approach to life, business, creativity, and pragmatism that shapes much more than the devices we use to play music or to make phone calls (though undoubtedly, these are certainly valuable byproducts of the process).

What Jobs embodied was an ideology shaped by an inherent desire to create, a corresponding and unparalleled enthusiasm for the act of creating, and an unwavering commitment to an idea and the process required to bring that idea to life. These qualities extend beyond technology and innovative design, to a far more encompassing approach to life, business, behavior, and perception.  


I had been meaning to write a post about 'design thinking' and the events of the few days have highlighted this concept as the world reflects on the passing of one of the greatest design-minded innovators of our generation. He aptly applied design thinking- where the solution to the 'problem' is explored as the issue itself is being defined- to so many projects and efforts, an approach considered by many to encourage innovation and creativity with 'out of the box' thinking. Whether success or failure, the process makes for a worthwhile and valuable learning experience.

Steve Jobs did that with all he created- be it our phones, or the architecture that defined a new type of consumer behavior, or a business model that revolutionized how we communicate, interact and experience products and brands.


As I finish writing this post on my beloved iPad, just wanted to say thanks. For more than just my iPad, of course, but for everything you've inspired and represent...

Well done.