T-Shirt Tuesday!

Posted on by Lauren M

Back in the day, I remember the ubiquitous 'Architects Do It All Night Long' t-shirt that many fellow classmates sported in studio...  I don't have a serious problem with the slogan, but it just wasn't quite my style. The image of a yardstick/ruler beneath the text didn't help the cause either.

But times have changed, and there are all sorts of design and architecture-related gear to proudly wear while drafting away at 3 am, and here are a few of our favorites:

From the always-delightful Coffee with an Architect:


To view the complete fall collection or to make a purchase, check out the online shop- so very many great designs to entertain, enjoy and covet... 

And recently released from Life of an Architect are Bob Borson's Periodic Table of Design shirts:


Again, more information and color and design options can be found online.  I just ordered my first architecture shirt, of Architectural Scale Figures.  Yes- I know it's the sand color, but we're in a recession and it was a few dollars less, so I thought hey, something other than charcoal, black or... black can't hurt me.  Or can it?

Find out the answer to that question and more on 'An Architect's Dress Code' in this recent post by Jody Brown of Coffee with an Architect.

Best, Lauren