Infographics: One World Trade Center

Posted on by Lauren M

A few months back, we wrote about Reflecting Absence, the 9/11 Memorial plaza in New York, which will be open to the public this weekend... 


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With attention back on the World Trade Center plan, the controversy regarding the design, process and related complications has again become a topic of discussion and debate.


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The 'Freedom Tower' that that Daniel Libeskind originally envisioned underwent a series of changes and revisions, and is significantly different than what was eventually approved in 2006. Not long after, the project finally broke ground and is currently under construction and slated for occupancy in 2013.


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In spite of the many issues ranging from local politics to aesthetics, there has been significant development and construction activity at the site; for more information on the design, check out this video of Daniel Libeskind describing the master plan, or read a recent interview with him on the subject.

Also, for the full 'World Trade Center Reborn' infographic with more details on the current design for the Tower, click here...