Perspective Lyrique: Living Buildings

Posted on by Lauren Moss

Reading any random selection of posts on MYD's blog, it's no surprise that we're big fans of architectural mapping and digital projection technologies. So, for Halloween, we have a great project to share from the Fete des Lumieres, or Festival of Lights, in Lyon, France- Perspective Lyrique, designed and developed by 1024 Architecture.


A fantastic application of video mapping technologies, the project team took it to the next level with the development of a 'realtime morphing application that will transform, according to the audience voice, the actual building into a head'. Which then will explode.


It's definitely in line with the spirit of All Hallow's Eve, with the existing building, a former lyrical theater called Théâtre des Célestins, transformed into an enormous, twisting face- controlled by spectators and audience members via microphone and an audio analysis algorithm, allowing for an exceptionally unique and dynamic experience.

All that after some fun with architectural mapping of building elements, of course...

It's a beautiful and engaging distortion of reality, challenging existing perceptions of what is possible by responding to organic human behavior and creating an unforgettable and entertaining interactive display at the same time. If you're having any trouble seeing the video or to watch it in a browser, click this link.

Possibly even more fascinating are the inherent complexities involved in achieving the successful completion of the project. The creativity and technology necessary to generate the extensive renderings, face and video mappings are actually discussed at the firm's website, providing a glimpse behind the scenes of this complicated process.


Visit 1024 Architecture's blog for more details on the design considerations and challenges involved in this intriguing and interactive architectural projection, and of course, have a delightful Halloween!