MYD Photo Gallery: Willoughby 7917

Posted on by Lauren M

A few images from an afternoon in L.A...

Not too long ago, we were up in West Hollywood, and this Lorcan O'Herlihy project completed a few years back caught our attention. With a wire mesh building skin covering the majority of the building exterior of the 8-unit apartment complex, the Willoughby Lofts are definitely designed for the homeowner with a contemporary aesthetic... or for those random architects wandering around Los Angeles photographing interesting buildings.


As with most residential projects with a more industrial aesthetic, Willoughby 7917 created a bit of controversy, especially with the steep price tags attached to the units. (Of course, if you're in the market for a new condo, one is currently listed for $750,000, a steal compared to the original 7-digit prices of 2008.)

Having never been inside the space and without doing thorough research on the project, it's difficult to make any kind of professional critique of the building- but it does make for some nice eye candy and lovely photographs. 

Cheers!  Lauren + Jason

Oh, and in case you're wondering what the building looks like from the street, a modified image from ArchDaily's post on the project is included below. Check out the link for more photos and information on the project.