Hearts from Ray Eames

Posted on by Lauren Moss

For Valentine's Day, a few photos from the 2014 exhibition Ray Eames: In the Spotlight at the Williamson Gallery at Art Center, Pasadena...

'All who knew Ray were aware of her love of hearts. Her tiny, delicately crafted hearts adorned envelopes, wrapped packages and even parts of the Eames exhibition Mathematica. Although she frequently drew them with pen or colored pencil, she also cut them out from metallic silver paper. Charles embraced the heart as well, inscribing it in notes to Ray and on the underside of a chair for his daughter, Lucia.' 

drawings + sketches

drawings + sketches

View more photos from the exhibition and find more details at a previous blog post or the Eames Office website and best wishes for a very happy valentine's day!

Ray Eames: In the Spotlight   // Art Center, Pasadena

Ray Eames: In the Spotlight // Art Center, Pasadena

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