Design Development / modern cottage massing models

Posted on by Lauren Moss

New three-dimensional renderings to come soon for this modern Dana point cottage on the boards... 

In the meanwhile, here's a look at the conceptual massing model, which illustrates the general forms of the buildings on the site.

shaded site massing study

shaded site massing study

The scope of the addition includes a new asymmetrical, flat-roofed volume, clad with bold black siding that both contrasts and complements the original cottage design while creating a protected side entry accessible from the driveway.

At the rear, an extension at the existing second level increases upstairs square footage and adds corresponding interior living space at the first level that opens to and allows access from the backyard and outdoor gathering spaces.

massing study / souheast perspective

massing study / souheast perspective

Modern design elements and materials will further highlight the playful and open character of this modern cottage- more project details to come soon.

In the meanwhile, revisit preliminary design sketches for at a previous post...