A Portrait of Manhattan

Posted on by Lauren M

With thoughts of New York on the forefront of the country's collective consciousness this week, we thought this time lapse would be a fitting tribute to the people and places that define the city that never sleeps. The Manhattan Project, directed, shot and produced by photographer Cameron Michael, is a beautiful time-lapse that captures the vibrant nature of the city through the inclusion of people, cars and other elements that highlight a sense of action, discovery and movement, creating beautiful moments from the experience of daily life on the streets, in Central Park and on the subway.

The perspective from street level shifts to panoramic scenes of the skyline from various perspectives, enhancing this sense of rhythm that exists on both the human scale and the greater scale of the city.

Keep an eye out for beautiful shots of the Flatiron building, the High Line and the Brooklyn Bridge for a few of our favorite buildings and places, and hope you appreciate this lovely tribute to New York as much as we do...

Learn more about the project at vimeo, and enjoy!