Zaha Hadid, quoted...

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A few favorite quotations from one of the most important architects of our time...

 Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid (1950-2016)

zaha hadid , 1985 (getty)

zaha hadid, 1985 (getty)

'I’m a woman, an Arab, and an architect. Biology and geography defined the first two; the third has taken forty years of hard work.'  (via)

'I remember Rem Koolhaas when they asked me to join OMA, and I said, “Only as a partner.” I mean, honestly! I had just finished school. And they said, “As long as you are an obedient partner.” I said, “No, I am not going to be an obedient partner.” That was the end of my partnership!'  (via)

'It’s all about the work– architecture is ultimately about well being,  the creation of pleasant environments for all aspects of life. But it is also important to create environments that uplift, enthuse, and inspire. Through research, experimentation and collaboration, we make the discoveries we didn’t think were possible.'  (via)

'I don’t use the computer. I do sketches, very quickly, often more than 100 on the same formal research.'  (via)

'People do ask ‘why are there no straight lines, why no 90 degrees in your work?’ This is because life is not made in a grid.'  (via)

riverside museum    glasgow

riverside museum  glasgow

'I know what is going to become expensive and what is cheap. I think it is very important that a project is affordable.'  (via)

'There is a lot of fluidity now between architecture, design and fashion— a lot more cross-pollination in the disciplines. But this isn’t about competition; it’s about collaboration, and what these practices and processes can contribute to one another.'  (via)

heydar aliyev center /  archdaily

heydar aliyev center / archdaily

'The world is looking more and more segmented, the difference between people is becoming greater. One has to strive for a very open liberal society.' (via)

'I've always loved soul music.' (via)

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