Welcoming autumn...

Posted on by Lauren M

This past weekend, autumn will have officially started with the fall 2012 equinox commencing at 14:49 Universal Time (UT) or 10:49 am Eastern daylight time on September 22nd, to be exact. Technically, this refers to the fact that the sun will be in alignment with the equator, meaning the earth's axis is neither tilted towards or away from the sun.

More commonly associated with this celestial event is the concept that the length of day and night are as close to equal as possible, and here in the Northern hemisphere, that translates to longer nights as the days become shorter.

So, with that bit of planetary trivia, we're welcoming the start of the fall season with a photo of yesterday's setting sun, as the last rays of summer light filter through the west-facing windows.


It is the summer's great last heat,

It is the fall's first chill: They meet.

Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

We're looking forward to new projects, new construction and new sources of inspiration as we move into fall, and hope the new season meets you with success as well!

Cheers, L+J