typography, origami + animation

Posted on by Lauren M

Like many designers, we're fans of typography- similar to architecture in concept, function and form play important roles in the development of fonts and type design. Conveying meaning through graphics is a large part of what we do, and though we're no experts on the subject, the nature of typography is one that is very expressive stylistically, and of course, critically important for effective communication.


In a less overt way, origami (another favorite here at MYD), also relates to architecture in both a creative and functional way. Paper folding is a centuries-old art form in its own right, involving angles, geometry and precision to create intricate models derived from the simple module of a paper square.

So, for a bit of inspiration, we thought we'd share a delightful animation that incorporates both of these elements to result in a design that is not only visually appealing, but conveys meaning in a typographic context, employing a geometry highly influenced by the art of origami. We recently learned about this unique and distinctive typeface, Typogami, thanks to a new favorite design blog, Visual News


According to Amsterdam-based motion and graphic design studio and the creators of Typogami, Calango, the characters 'are inspired by origami and kirigimi, Japanese artforms of folding paper'. This idea becomes even more evident when viewed in its elegant, animated version, as demonstrated in the short video below.

With customizable colors, fold angles, and shadow intensity, there are infinite ways to make this eye-catching and unique typeface your own. Even better, Calango is making both static and animated versions of the typeface available for no charge to their facebook fans. For further information or to view more in-depth videos, stop by Calango's site, and while you're there, check out some of their other great design work.

As always, many thanks for stopping by!