Thoughts on website design...

Posted on by Lauren M

Have you stopped by our design page lately? It has a (relatively) new layout and we're hoping it makes viewing project images a bit more enjoyable and easier to navigate.


The grid approach is a popular one these days (at least in the design community), but there's good reason for the trend. Besides the visual appeal and sense of order created by the geometry of grid layouts, a thoughtful and well-organized arrangement makes it easier for users to scan photos quickly, without having to use drop-down menus or sidebars. 

In the near future, we'll be including more data and project information, as well as further details on our design process and architectural services. Feel free to let us know what you think; we always appreciate the feedback!

In the meanwhile, we look forward to ongoing site developments, since ultimately, the value of a design, whether with regard to architecture, graphics or interiors, depends on functionality just as much as aesthetics. (and, without a doubt, the very helpful support crew over at Squarespace...)

Thanks for reading!  Lauren + Jason