The High Line + Urban Redevelopment

Posted on by Lauren M

Sustainable design is as much about the larger context of neighborhood development and urbanism as it is about each building.  Addressing related social, cultural, and economic factors is essential to a sustainable future.  Architecture and urban design can and should be employed to foster stronger communities, greater opportunity, and a higher quality of life for individuals and societies. 

Integrated design from this broad perspective is crucial in this regard, and the movement to preserve existing natural environments, in conjuntion with increased urban density and the need for functional and meaningful public spaces, has shifted the building industry's focus towards retrofits, preservation, and adaptive reuse. 


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The High Line Park is a fairly recent example of how thoughtful design and urban renewal can increase property values, encourage pedestrian access and social interaction, as well as introduce nature within a dense, urban context.

The new identity of what was once an abandoned elevated rail line is now an engaging public space that innovatively reuses an existing structure while enhancing one's experience of the city and provides a great example of urban renewal and creative public space.