Tetris Construction...

Posted on by Lauren M

For your Monday afternoon: finding the links between architecture, art, and pop culture...

This graphic below is a Tetris tribute by Erik Johansson, a Berlin-based photographer with an excellent portfolio of work (and great sense of humor).


Remember the good old days before facetime, ipads, and emails? When cell phones were few and far between (and the size of baseball mitts), when maps helped travelers get around instead of GPS... and when Nintendo was the ultimate gaming device- with Tetris being the game of choice.

So, for a bit of fun to get the week started, we thought we'd take a stroll down memory lane and share one of our favorite manifestations of 1980's tech nostalgia, courtesy of Vimeo and animator, Sergej Hein... 

Enjoy, and have a stellar week!  L+J