Sustainable By Design: Tasmania's Inspired Art Hotel

Posted on by Lauren M

Based in Tasmania, Australia, Robert Morris-Nunn has been practicing innovative, sustainable design for decades, and a 'socially humane' and culturally aware approach to design and architecture, coupled with a keen awareness of and consideration of the environment, is evident in his work. 

In this small island state, historic preservation is a key component of the built environment, contributing to a distinct, shared sense of identity, rooted in history, culture, and a profound respect for ecology and conservation.  While this regard for tradition remains central to Tasmanian life, progressive ideas, contemporary art, and collaborative, community-oriented architecture are simultaneously embraced as part of the always-evolving historical fabric.  Located in the capital city of Hobart, The Henry Jones Art Hotel embodies this concept.  Previously a jam factory, the waterfront sandstone warehouse was preserved and re-imagined in 2004 to adapt for its new function as hotel/art gallery, housing not only visitors and travelers, but also an engaging collection of contemporary art.


The resulting aesthetic is a cohesive and unique blend of old and new, enhancing one's experience of place, connectedness to culture, and appreciation of regional art, while providing for a unique and inspiring retreat.