Furniture as Architecture: Stoller Works + Modern Interiors

Posted on by Lauren Moss

The custom walnut dining table by Stoller Works arrived last week at MYD's Mission Viejo modern renovation, and it looks fantastic... 

Modern Furniture: Custom Walnut and Steel Dining Table

A key component of the interior scheme and focal point of the new open kitchen, the table has a two piece walnut top 'floating' above the trestle structure, whose steel legs are sections of a steel i-beam, stabilized by stainless steel rods.

The effect adds warmth and texture to the contemporary space and the materials tie into the architectural elements at the interior, including the new stair opening and railing and corner fireplace.
The industrial nature of the structure provides for not only visual interest, but function, with the trestle system allowing for increased seating flexibility. The interior layout and floor plan was, in fact, developed so the table can be located in the center of the dining space (to seat 6), or directly adjacent to the waterfall edge of the linear island (below) for more intimate or casual gathering. 

Modern industrial natural steel and walnut table

For more information on New York-based Stoller Works, and the beautiful modern pieces created by architect, designer and sculptor Evan Stoller, visit Stoller Works online.