South Laguna: New Year, New House!

Posted on by Lauren Moss

Our work, at least so far, seems to be in alignment with the new year, as we're breaking ground on an exciting project this first week of January- a new residence in Fullerton, CA- more details coming soon.

So, as one door opens... well, apparently another one opens- quite literally, the front door to MYD's contemporary cottage in Laguna Beach, a project we've been actively involved in for the past couple years throughout the design and construction phases.

We'll be sharing official photos of the residence soon, but in the meanwhile, here are a few recent construction images of this lovely cottage, just blocks away from the Pacific Ocean in the heart of South Laguna's tight-knit community.


We've been receiving much-appreciated positive feedback from our clients, neighbors and passers-by, and that makes all the hard work well worth the while. We've been having a great time along the way, though, and, above all, are thrilled that the homeowners are happy and as excited as we are with their new Laguna home.

So, here they are... the latest and greatest! (until further notice, that is...)


There is still a bit of landscaping to work on, as well as some hardscape and a few exterior finishing items- staining the deck, adding fixtures, replacing the asphalt driveway with permeable pavers and all that good stuff, so we're almost there.

Meanwhile, here's how things are looking at the interior... Again, a few items to complete- including the installation of a solid piece of reclaimed wood for the fireplace mantel, and some fine-tuning throughout, but already, it's become a truly beautiful, light-filled space with great views of the Pacific, making for the perfect beach cottage.


To check out some of the construction progress images from recent months, visit our construction photo page, and you can view the floor plan here. We'll be updating our design page soon with more images, project information and related details, so keep an eye out, and thanks for stopping by!