Sculpture + Stair Design

Posted on by Lauren M

The issue of circulation is of critical importance to design, regardless of building type, use or location, as it informs how users move through a space and how those spaces relate to one another.  In this regard, stairs- in terms of location, design, and configuration- are of particular relevance as a key component of a fundamental building system.  


In addition to the necessary functionality of a stair, they are also often prominent features that can enhance or detract from the aesthetic of an interior.  That said, it's crucial that this component be thoughtfully articulated and integrated into the overall design, and there are countless examples of beautful, creative, and innovative means of doing so.

A current project under construction illustrates the sculptural potential of the celebrated staircase...


A monolithic concrete pour (designed as an ellipse to create an elongated appearance) is clad in a rich walnut veneer, along with the platform base floating above the new terrazzo floor.  The glass railing highlights the curvalinear shape, creating a sculptural quality that adds interest and a distinctive architectural form at the main living area and entry.

The walnut floor at the sunken living room further ties the space together and serves as a counter to the travertine cladding along the wall, making for a complete and thoughtful balance of material, form, and space.