Stunning Sculptural Storage: The C1 Credenza

Posted on by Lauren Moss

A well-conceived and beautifully executed work from design and fabrication consultancy Moore + Friesl, the C1 Credenza is an elegant balance of form and function, with a structurally innovative design concept that enables a 'floating' effect and further adds to the distinctively sculptural nature of the piece.

modern steel + wood credenza

'Designed by Marcus Friesl, the C1 Credenza uses a thin folded metal shell to support both upper and lower drawers. This combined with an embedded structural system in the drawer units allows the piece to span the full seven feet without intermediate support which allows the C1 to float elegantly in space. The resulting design is a technically precise modern form, embodied with warmth and character.'

modern interior design | c1 credenza

 A recent recipient of Golden A' Design Award, it definitely gets our vote for the thoughtful integration of material, structure and craftsmanship within the context of a unique and artistic form- one that would look fantastic in any contemporary interior.

C1 Credenza | metal + wood details

The C1 Credenza is available from in custom finishes, as well as sizes; find more details and contact information online...

Cheers, L+J