Renovation Reuse: maximize materials

Posted on by Lauren Moss

With any renovation, remodel or building project, repurposing existing materials, along with the efficient use of any new materials, is an important factor in the effort to minimize waste and maximize value during construction. Since we are often involved in a project from start to completion, this idea extends to the interior design phase as well, including furniture selection and placement.


Effectively and efficiently utilizing materials can be a simpler process than one may expect, and this type of creative exploration often results in the discovery of unique design opportunities.

For example, our plans for a recent Orange County renovation specified honed Carrara marble as the counter and vanity surfaces for two new bathrooms. With a sufficient amount of remnant to work with, we were able to incorporate the material in a new way.


Once the stone was cut, fabricated and installed in the master and secondary bathrooms, the unused portion of the slab was transformed into a custom side table.


In just a few weeks, after ordering a few hairpin legs online and a trip to our stone fabricator, we had a new piece that complements the furnishings, including a new Eames lounge chair and BL3 floor lamp, a classic 1930 Bauhaus design. The continuity of material and mid-century style of the raw steel legs highlight the modern updates at the renovated second floor (part I of the project) and will help inform the design aesthetic for the next phase of the project.


The natural qualities of the marble slab, which was hand-picked at the stoneyard for its subtle color variations and pattern, in conjunction with the industrial feel and look of the new legs, work well with the other finishes, contributing to a sense of visual cohesion and consistency. 


Similarly, with a bit of foresight and an integrated approach, it's possible to determine effective ways to reuse existing materials, as well as new ones. (something we're currently working on for another collaborative project- more on that to come soon)

So, whether new or salvaged, it's definitely worthwhile to consider the potential ways materials can be maximized and construction waste minimized during the design process. Also, by leveraging creativity, a greater level of personalization and innovation can be achieved.

Feel free to contact us if you would like further information regarding resources related to this project or to learn more about our process and MYD's design + construction management services.

Cheers, Lauren + Jason