Project progress: concrete + construction

Posted on by Lauren Moss

An update on the construction progress at MYD's Villa Park residence in Orange County...


Since our last post from the project site, things have been moving forward on schedule; the majority of demolition is complete at the interior, opening the great room to the kitchen beyond and rear yard.


Without the false gable ceiling, existing masonry fireplace and cabinetry wall dividing the space, the interior architecture starts to take shape, with a strong clarity of form and space.

Stop by the project's design page to view the new plans as well as renderings of the updated and  contemporary aesthetic of the renovation and addition.


Outside, trenching for new foundation footings gives a general sense of the new floor plan and the locations of additional square footage added at the master bedroom and bathroom.

After trenching, the steel (including rebar for the new slab and footings) was located and installed. After passing inspection last week, concrete was poured, providing the foundation for the extension of the interior space.


The new sections of foundation can be seen within the larger context of the existing porch below. The two images show the contrast between the current existing conditions at the top photo and the new design, in a rendering of the same perspective below.


The massing of the cedar-clad cantilever and bath extension, its materiality and sense of movement add to a more visually dynamic facade while creating a private deck at the enlarged master bedroom. This element also defines the gathering space at the other side, separating the public zone outside the great room from the more intimate scale of the private areas.

Of course, it takes a bit more demolition at the exterior walls and roof before we get there...


With framing already starting at the site this week, it shouldn't be too long before the rendering becomes a reality, though...  We'll be sure to keep you posted!


Cheers, Lauren + Jason

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