On the Boards | New Residence

Posted on by Lauren M

MYD's latest residential project is currently in schematic design, with preliminary floor plans completed last week... This new single-family home is being designed with site, context, program and access as initial primary considerations. 


One of the unique features of this floor plan is the garage orientation and location at the rear of the lot, enabling an architecturally strong front elevation along the street (facing North), without the driveway and vehicular access dominating the facade.

Such a configuration is often utilized in response to factors including lot size, open space and buildable area constrictions, setback and zoning requirements, as well as the desire to maximize habitable square footage- all of which were achieved in the site design below, while still preserving the visual integrity of the streetscape.


Changes to these plans are in the works as we head towards design development, but it's off to a nice start and should be a great project.  We'll keep you updated!

Cheers, Jason + Lauren