North Shore construction update...

Posted on by Lauren M

Greetings from MYD!

Just a quick post to share an image we recently received of our new residence on the North Shore of Oahu. Off the grid, with solar hot water and photovoltaic panels providing all the energy required by the home, this plantation-inspired design is currently under construction, and from what we've seen, things are looking pretty good!


We're hoping to have more detailed images to share soon, but until then, the image above gives a pretty good idea of how things are developing on site, especially when compared alongside an original rendering of the design. It's always interesting to watch the progress of a project, from early concept design, through drawing and document production and into the last phase: construction...


To take a look at the floor plans for this project, visit our design page, or to learn more about the process and progress, revisit previous posts on design development or our preliminary construction considerations.

Thanks!  MYD