Look Up!

Posted on by Lauren M

Though there are many opportunities to implement sustainable design strategies, sometimes the best solutions are those you may not see...

Green roofs have been a topic of numerous previous posts, and MYD advocates the use of these systems for their numerous benefits, including energy conservation, minimized heat island effect, and stormwater management.

However, in addition to vegetated roofs, an increasingly common practice in both new construction and remodels in the residential sector is the installation of photovoltaic systems.  While solar has been around for some time, the last few years have seen a tremendous increase in not only the efficiency of the panels themselves, but also in the feasibility and affordability of renewable energy on this smaller scale.

MYD studio is pleased to have several projects in the works that incorporate PV, and we'll continue to post progress updates as installation moves forward. 


The initial phase of an installation of a 4.725 kW system in Laguna Beach began last week.  Due to the authentic style, material, and detailing of this 1920's hacienda, maintaining the current aesthetic was of key importance.  The location of the photovoltaic array was selected to provide for maximum solar exposure, while being virtually invisible from both the interior and exterior of the home.

To achieve this, the clay tiles at the main roof ridge, as well as those at the hip ridgeline, were specified to remain, while the rest of the roofing at the south-facing plane was removed and repaired.


The first phase of the retrofit process went smoothly, as existing original clay roof tiles were carefully removed and replaced with a new roofing membrane, and the mounting system for the 21-panel system, provided by SunPower was installed.


Stay tuned for further updates as the process moves ahead, and visit the U.S. Department of Energy's website to learn more about implementing renewable energy strategies in your own home.

Next PV project:  MYD's plans for an off-the-grid residence on the North Shore of Oahu  are currently being processed by the county for permitting, so look forward to the latest project news as we obtain the necessary approvals and start construction on this truly sustainable and self-sufficient Hawaiian home.