Jason Drafts a Floor Plan

Posted on by Lauren M

A while back, we shared a few of our rough drawings in the context of a post on the architectural process and sketching

While these are great for quick studies to explore certain elements of a design or to get a sense of the massing of a building, to ensure feasibility, as well as to accurately convey spaces and clearances, one needs to incorporate scale.


While the design process is still fluid, the drafting table plays an important role- most often when determining options for the floor plan layout. So, to share a glimpse into another part of the process, below is a short video of Jason in action, utilizing the tried and true tools of architectural drafting…

For those wondering, he’s drawing over a site plan- first in pencil, as seen in the video, and then pen will follow. This particular project is new construction; otherwise, we often draw over existing floor plans, depending on how much of the building will remain in a remodel or renovation.

The Mayline (the straight edge that moves up and down the table) allows one to draw parallel lines. Using the triangle creates a 90 degree edge, along which perpendicular lines are drawn. The scale gives accurate dimensions in feet/inches; in this case 1/8 “ = 1’-0”.

After a floor plan is approved, the design will be finalized in CAD, and we move forward with developing a 3-D model and later, construction documents.


Thanks for previewing the first video by MYD [film] studio!

Lauren + Jason