iPhone + Digital Art

Posted on by Lauren M

It's ubiquitous these days- cell phones are in almost every purse or pocket, and we use them for everything: texting, checking email, updating schedules, tracking stocks, keeping up with social media and more... once in a while, we make calls on them, too.


As for me, I use my iPhone mainly for one thing- photography. Often it's the most convenient, readily accessible and discreet means of documenting anything from friends, parties and events, to project ideas, design inspiration and onsite construction progress. These days, smartphones are equipped with powerful camera capabilities, which can be enhanced with a number of accessories and photo editing applications that enable users to elevate their phone pics with one (or two) swipes of a touchscreen.


Often, several camera and editing apps are utilized to create artistic effects, and there are resources online that address techniques and applications. For more on photo manipulation, find information, tutorials, and app reviews online at or

But to get you started, I’ll look at a few of the basic accessories and apps that I use to enhance photos and videos with minimal effort- for professional and personal purposes.

Tripod: whether you need to stabilize an image or shoot from a precarious angle, these flexible versions come in handy. The iStabilizer has a very simple means of attaching to the phone that doesn’t require the removal of any protective case and works with most phone models. Great for cat videos.


Macro/Wide Angle Lens: A recent addition to my iPhone gear, these lenses work remarkably well for the size and cost. The macro functions a bit better, as seen in the close-up shots below- more info here.


Thanks for reading, and share your photos- or if you’re on instagram- share your username and see you there! @myd

(and if you don’t use Instagram, you should definitely check it out.) Enjoy!

Cheers, LM