interior details: fixtures + finishes

Posted on by Lauren Moss

This week, we're addressing one of the many decisions faced when remodeling or building a new home: fixtures, finishes and details...

As a full-service architecture and design firm, we work closely with homeowners throughout the duration of a project and often assist with these decisions, coordinate with vendors and manufacturers, and suggest options and potential alternatives.


These interior details include finish materials, hardware, trims, colors, fixtures and more. One of the recurring themes we've found often comes up at this stage in the design process, particularly in kitchen and bath design, is the question of 'brushed' or 'chrome'.


Though brushed stainless steel is always a beautiful option, we've come to find that chrome and other reflective/high-gloss materials can work very well in both contemporary and traditional interiors. Several of MYD's recent projects have featured chrome fixtures and hardware in varying applications; for example, beautiful Linnea pulls add a bit of polish and sheen, complementing the warmth of the custom rift oak doors below.


So, although there are many potential design considerations when designing, remodeling and selecting products, the breadth of those options allow for opportunities to 'break the rules' and create eye-catching details that can add another dimension and layer of interest to a space.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!