Heading Upstairs: portfolio preview

Posted on by Lauren Moss

We're heading upstairs to the Master Bedroom + Bath for today's portfolio preview featuring a few recent renderings for a residential project in Fullerton, Orange County. 

In a previous post, we shared images of the main public spaces below, featuring an open floor plan and sliding glass walls that open at the corner of the living room towards the view. 

At the upstairs level, the same design approach and considerations guided the floor plan layout, and the Master Suite takes advantage of its location and orientation to optimize views, employ passive heating strategies, and increase light, air and ventilation.


Beyond the basic spatial organization, there were a few interior architectural details that created opportunities to fulfill the programmatic needs and function, as well as ensure aesthetic continuity, clean detailing, and the efficient use of square footage.  When it came to the Master Bedroom, the priority was to determine a means of incorporating the fireplace in a way that felt integrated, functional, architectural, while still providing for storage and media.  Since circulation, furnishings, and technical issues such as venting the unit were key issues informing the location of the fireplace, we had to work within these constraints to develop a feature wall that served the needs of the room and occupants.

A typical corner fireplace unit didn't allow for the symmetry and alignment we were looking for in terms of functionality, and the experience of entering into a room, to be greeted by the corner of a wall projection (required for the depth of a unit) just wasn't very appealing.  So, the resolution was to flank the fireplace opening with different types of storage, making it feel a natural part of the room- not an afterthought or concession. 


The resulting solution creates a more dynamic and articulated space, adding interest and depth, while creating storage that doesn't compromise usable space. 

One enters the room and encounters integrated shelving that can be used to display art and photos or store books and small items.  Utilizing the same wood throughout the home, a sense of continuity is created, while adding texture and depth to the individual spaces.  This effect is enhanced by the layering of wood above the media wall, extending up through the room's volume and highlighting the dramatic sloping ceiling, while drawing one's eye towards the full-height sliding glass door and view.


(And yes, if you're wondering, that is How I Met Your Mother playing on the television- an MYD and client favorite...  Downstairs, they're watching the Lakers.  :)