Gibbs Farm: Art in the New Zealand Landscape

Posted on by Lauren Moss

Large-scale installation art almost always makes a statement, and the sculptures at Gibbs Farm is no exception. Located in North Auckland in New Zealand, the private art park includes over 20 commissioned works from artists including Richard Serra and Andy Goldsworthy.

Gibbs Farm, New Zealand

Gibbs Farm, New Zealand

The 1,000-acre site, purchased by businessman and art patron Alan Gibbs in 1991, consists of expansive rolling hills, ridges and flatlands on the Kaipara Harbor, the largest in the southern hemisphere ‘so vast it occupies the whole western horizon… Everything in the property flows towards and eventually into the sea; and every work contends, in some way, with the slide seaward.’

A driving element in all the contemporary art installations at The Farm, the relationship to the site is key, as it connects the art to the landscape, natural systems and the sea beyond.


Andy Goldsworthy | Arches

Gibbs has commissioned work from artists around the globe, creating a place unlike any other in the world. Each artist’s approach to addressing the challenging site is unique, as well as substantial in both size and statement; many rely on innovative engineering and collaboration to address contextual challenges.

Additionally, much of the artwork challenges perceptions of dimensionality and perspective, as evidenced in Neil Dawson’s 3-D installation, Horizons.


Neil Dawson | Horizons

Click on any of the images for a direct link to the project gallery at the Gibbs Farm website, where you can learn more about the work, the artist and view additional photos.


Richard Serra | Te Tuhirangi Contour


Anish Kapoor | Dismemberment


Leon van den Eijkel | Red Cloud Confrontation in Landscape


Richard Thompson | Untitled


Marijke de Goey | The Mermaid

Thanks for reading, and visit Gibbs Farm online to watch videos and view the entire collection of installations at the site. Also, for more on Alan Gibbs, the man behind ‘The Farm’, check out this 2012 article that takes a closer look at the background, philosophy and passions of the non-conformist who has created, and continues to create, what many consider to be the finest contemporary sculpture collection in the world.