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We're sharing a few favorite images of MYD's Energy Lab at the Ecology Center, a unique and sustainable community-oriented design for the educational non-profit organization located in San Juan Capistrano.

For more project details, read last week's post on the Ecology Center's book, 'Backyard Skills:  A D.I.Y. Handbook' as well as a previous post on green roofs and the system specified at this application.

solar structure | energy lab

eight-panel photovoltaic array from above

LiveRoof  module detail

location adjacent to south coast farms, san juan capistrano

view of photovoltaic panels from below

late afternoon at the ecology center

the energy lab provides for all the energy needs of the historic congdon house

CLIENT:  The Ecology Center, San Juan Capistrano, California

PROJECT SUMMARY:  The original program was to create a solar structure to house an 8-panel photovoltaic array.  Taking aesthetic cues from the agricultural nature of the site, the design consists of open wood-framing, meeting at an asymmetrical gable, at an angle located for optimal solar exposure.  MYD also proposed the incorporation of a modular green roof system, as an additional feature and educational resource for the intended use of the space as an outdoor classroom.

PROJECT TEAM: Upon contacting regional vendors, contractors and construction professionals, we discovered a shared, enthusiastic desire to participate in this community-oriented project.  The Energy Lab was made possible by donations of services from architectural and structural to those of construction professionals, as well through the generous donations from manufacturers and vendors, including LiveRoof, Richlite and Suntrek Solar.

MYD studio_Ecology Center sketch.jpg

The power generated provides for all the energy needs of the historic main building, the Congdon House, the city’s oldest wood-framed structure, retrofitted several years ago by the city of San Juan Capistrano.

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[photos by Jimmy Cheng Photography]