Craftsmanship + A Custom Kitchen Island

Posted on by Lauren M

As major construction winds down for a new home or major renovation project, some of the most critical interior elements begin to truly take shape...

maple slats for modern kitchen island by MYD studio, inc

At this stage, the value of a comprehensive and cohesive design concept is clear, and the details make all the difference in achieving a desired result, in terms of both aesthetics and function. For these reasons (and more), we’re excited to share an early glimpse of one of the key design elements that makes the contemporary interior at our Villa Park residence so unique- a custom maple and stainless steel kitchen island we designed in collaboration with a local Costa Mesa-based fabrication shop.

building a slatted kitchen island
woodworking + custom residential design
woodworking: MYD's custom kitchen

These progress images speak for themselves, and it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with colleagues and craftsmen who share a passion for good design, coupled with the skills and dedication to realize concepts and ideas in built form.

We’ll be sure to post updates when the island is installed; in the meanwhile, stop by our project construction gallery for the latest developments from the site...
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custom maple kitchen island construction