Best of 2012: Design Blog Top 10

Posted on by Lauren M

MYD BLOG: 2012 Year in Review


The past year has been a significant one for us here at MYD, and this blog has definitely been a part of that growth, especially after receiving a bit of unexpected recognition with a feature in Design Bureau's July/August issue: An Architecture Blog Worth Reading.

Though we shared a few of our own favorite posts in the article (find links here and a post with the complete article available to read or download here), today's top 10 collection includes the most popular entries based on guest site visits and user engagement.

So, here they are, listed by popularity- the 2012 Top Ten Reader Posts:

  1. Buildings We Love: Kahn's Exeter Library
  2. Buildings, Balance + Flight
  3. Legorreta's Legacy
  4. Sustainable Modernism: House in Regensburg
  5. Buildings We Love: Sydney Opera House
  6. Architecture + Process: Sketching
  7. Buildings We Love: Dominus Winery
  8. GFRC + Good Design
  9. Interior Architecture: Villa Park Renovation
  10. Schindler's Kings Road House

Many thanks to readers, friends and colleagues who have offered ideas, provided inspiration, and contributed to a shared knowledge base that we look forward to expanding upon in 2013.

Until then, enjoy the last few days of 2012 and have a very Happy New Year...