architecture + dance

Posted on by Lauren M

To kick off the weekend, we thought we'd share a delightful video that brings music, dance, and architectural design together in a beautiful way at the Neues Museum in Berlin.

Originally built in the mid 19th century to house ancient art and Egyptian artifacts, the neglected structure was renovated in the 21st century by British firm David Chipperfield Architects, partnered with Julian Harrap Architects. The resulting building is a careful juxtaposition of existing Neoclassical design elements and a contemporary aesthetic characterized by clean surfaces and modern materials.


The restoration of the structure took over a decade, opening in 2009 for the first time since suffering severe damage during World War II. Any materials that could be salvaged- columns, walls, mosaics- were included in the restoration, resulting in a beautiful combination of past and present, reconstructed in a way that honors the past while integrating elements that reflect the original intentions. The careful preservation of the existing building and the deliberate, honest approach to material, both old and new, allow for a seamless transition and the revival of a truly great building.


From the NY Times review (who is also credited for these images), "It is a modern building that inhabits the ghost of an old one".

And one inspires artists to create visual poetry in so many forms and mediums, including dance...