Architecture + 'Critical Drawing'

Posted on by Lauren M

A couple weeks ago, when the 2012 London Summer Olympics were gearing up, we took a look at a few of the architectural highlights at this year’s Games, including the Velodrome, Olympic Stadium and Aquatics Center.

Since the events are over, medals awarded, and closing ceremony behind us, we thought we'd share a few drawings that represent the same buildings from a satirical point of view, as depicted by French writer and artist Clo’e Floirat.


Though charming as simple illustrations, the drawings have an underlying social commentary, an element of what the London-based artist considers  ‘Critical Drawing'.


As a visual statement on the debated issues regarding the 2012 London Olympics, this series of drawings references cultural and social issues that relate to the design, form and role of the buildings within the city's urban and cultural landscape.


With a diverse background of experience and academic study, Floirat describes her intention and driving forces within her work:

‘The meeting point between architecture, art spaces and art itself is the place I aim to occupy.’via

Learn more about her philosophy and view more drawings at her website. Also, you can purchase these and several other of her architectural drawings online here.