Architectural iPhoneography

Posted on by Lauren Moss

We've written quite a bit about architecture + photography, as well as the increasingly popular practice of iPhoneography, highlighting the applications and tools we use, to sharing favorite examples of the role of camera phones in digital art.

Tying these subjects together is the inspiration for today's post, as we take a look at how architectural photography is being impacted and influenced by iPhoneography.

Lynette Jackson photography

Lynette Jackson photography

Earlier this week, Co.Design featured the work of one of today's most innovative and well-known iPhoneographers, Lynette Jackson, whose images are considered by some to be 'the 21st century architectural monograph.'

Described as 'raw, gritty and heavily altered... even verging on retro-nostalgic', the photos are indeed captivating, while reflective of a new type of architectural representation.

The synthesis of spatial perception, illustrative graphics and stylized abstraction convey a sense of multi-dimensional space that has yet to be achieved in more traditional forms of architectural photography. That's no small feat, considering the technical limitations of the camera phone, which are readdressed and utilized here as creative opportunities.

For more details on Jackson's process and philosophy, as well as to view more photos, stop by FastCo. Design, or visit her Flickr page.