A Stop Motion Road Trip...

Posted on by Lauren M

Greetings from MYD!

With the July 4th holiday this coming week and summer in full swing, we thought we'd share a great stop-motion discovered via a favorite design blog, Colossal. This animation from director Jerónimo Rocha is a charming short that follows 'a group of friends (who) embark on a voyage across the countryside in their vintage cars and caravans.'

So, for those who are heading on a road trip, whether to the office or beyond, hope you enjoy this bit of inspiration and summer fun...

Also, for an interesting look at the process behind the making of this animation, visit director Jerónimo Rocha's project page on Behance.

There, you can view more still images, as well as an extended 'making of' video that gives some insight into the process and techniques involved, from concept sketches to filming and editing. It's a delightful glimpse at the work, creativity and playfulness behind the scenes of this lovely stop motion road trip.


Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!