A Barn on the Olympic Peninsula

Posted on by Lauren M

We're getting ready for MYD's first barn raising!


Of sorts, at least... We won't be there to watch (or participate) in the construction of our newest design, but we'll hopefully have the chance to visit a great little barn on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State once it's completed.


If it looks a bit familiar, you may be recalling one of our early projects, completed several years ago- a mudroom addition to a Cape Cod style home. In fact, this structure is designed for the same site, though detached from the main residence.


The simple floor plan is reflective of the traditional barn vernacular- a basic rectangular building with a high vaulted ceiling, allowing room for a second level loft above the kitchen and bath area. Otherwise, both the plan and the elevations are fairly straightforward, with the exterior featuring sliding carriage doors that open towards the main house and the view of the water beyond.


We'll be updating our portfolio page soon, so more renderings and photos to come, as well as progress updates here at MYD blog.

Have a great weekend + thanks for stopping by!

Lauren + Jason